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Our website presentation contents two elements: Cancer and Wellness. It’s the huge range of our business group Mithra-BioMaxx.

The Mithra-BioMaxx Group, with a specific approach in translational integrative non-invasive medicine, present a multi-layered project overview that heralds advancement into a new world of medical mindset and a new approach to life’s most frightening maladies - incurable diseases.

Wellness, fitness, beauty and anti-ageing are the catch-words of today. Fitness and health spas are a flourishing market with brand name facilities being traded on stock markets around the world. Research and development departments of top gym equipment manufacturers are creating new designs and hi-tech machinery for enlarging the muscles and toning the body.

Unfortunately no one dares to speak with authority to address those issues inside the human body. One might wonder who is seriously focusing on incurable diseases. Who is concentrating 110% on the chronic ailments of the human body? These are illnesses that you or someone you know suffers with, and eventually may die from, including the ravages of the greatest taboos of all, cancer and HIV AIDS.

There is a new social consciousness in this field of medicine. A worldwide enlightenment is underway, wherein biologists and physicians in more progressive hospitals are embracing new medical strategies and more importantly, new treatments.


The Mithra-BioMaxx Group is at the cutting edge of this astounding technology and is becoming a strong and persuasive force in the health tourism industry. After a development period of over 30 years, there are now strong indicators for market potential on the horizon. Mithra-BioMaxx Clinics' Matryx Centers are the contemporary leaders in modern types of therapy for ailments that include cancer.

In this introduction, the Mithra-BioMaxx Group presents a project outline of how several new therapy facilities are being developed (including a reference clinic and several cancer therapy clinics). This includes not only the 1 billion plus inhabitants and patients in South East Asia and Europe, but also the untapped pool of global medical travelers, who are medically and economically interested in using these new clinically correlated, non-invasive, translational integrative treatments. Mithra-BioMaxx Group shall demonstrate how we are contributing to the advancement of a new medical concept and approach.

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