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Cancer Strategy

Although cancers are various and individualized, the anti-cancer therapies currently available tend to be standardized and seldom address the unique characteristics of a particular patient's tumor.

These therapies can be thought of as carpet bombing; the target is sometimes hit but often it is not, or only to a limited extent, because cancerous cells tend to be well-armed against attack and, worse yet, the therapies do considerable collateral damage to normal tissue.

Consider that the behavior of wildlife in captivity may tell us more about their captivity than about their life in the wild. In the same fashion, it is difficult to test anti-cancer drugs in a petri dish. To get a better sense of cancer's real vulnerabilities, one must have the cells grow as a tumor in an animal or, even more accurately, in a human.

The same holds true for the functioning of the immune system. One can take blood samples and count, for instance, the numbers and percentages of T-lymphocytes and correlate the numbers with function but to study the function of T-lymphocytes, the researcher should observe the T-lymphocyte directly when it unfolds its immunocompetent function in the organ tissue in situ. Therefore, in the Matryx Cancer Centers , not only immunocompetent cells are counted and identified through surface markers, but function tests are also conducted to document cell functions and the possible improvement of function, both during and after therapy.

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