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Systemic Hyperthermia

Systemic (Whole Body) Hyperthermia

In this procedure the whole body is lightly heated to 38.5 – 40oC via water-cooled infrared-A radiation. In a state of total relaxation, the patient lies on a translucent net and the entire treatment is comparable to a pleasant sauna bath. Through this artificial fever, we can achieve the destruction of cancer cells - similar to local hyperthermia - , improve the immune system, promote blood circulation and optimize metabolism.

Moderate total-body hyperthermia alone causes a significant destruction of malignancies. Most impressive results have been documented in the treatment of sarcomas, melanomas and tumors of the gastrointestinal tract.

Recent studies have shown a clear benefit if local or regional hyperthermia is combined with radiation and chemotherapy, compared to the administration of radiation and chemotherapy alone.

An intratumoral- or core body temperature of 40oC is usually reached in all patients. A very promising new application seems to be the combination of total-body (or regional) hyperthermia and chemotherapy with cytokines (TNF-alpha).

Systemic hyperthermia considerably supports the healing process of the following conditions:

Hyperthermia can be used for different diseases as a monotherapy; more frequently however, hyperthermia is used in combination with other biological procedures.

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