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Treatment Concept

Matryx Cancer Concept

Matryx Cancer Reversal Program is based upon a often over-looked bio-chemical property that is exhibited in most cancers-the "acidic milieu" of their environment. By utilizing this principle, we can selectively target the cancerous tissue (selective pH) and spare any normally functioning tissue. It means the concept involves a combination of some different natural processes with the pH-Transformation Therapy as the center-piece idea, supported by heat applications, oxidative therapies and the photo-selective elimination strategy (PDT). During the HIFU ablation of focused ultra-sound energy, the tumor area is destroyed with precision and totally; the hyperthermic on the tumor area is warmed by a capacitive coupled EMF and infrared-A application to the entire body; dietary ideas are utilized using the latest in nutritional research to increase the success/survival rate upwards to 90%. Together, they address the various aspects in tumor formation and metastasis.
Average Total-5-Year-Survival Rate: ≥80% (on base of the Average Single 5-Year Survival Rate)

The Core
of the Matryx Cancer Concept consists of selective damage of the cancerous tissue with simultaneous stabilization of the healthy tissue . The temperature sensitivities of normal and cancer cells differ under normal conditions marginally; however, their metabolic properties differ greatly. Despite a sufficient supply of oxygen, cancer cells utilize glucose much more than healthy cells. Cancer cells to produce, in the presence of oxygen and glucose (dextrose), to a greater extent, lactic acid. An additional artificially raising the blood glucose level leads to an induced hyperglycemia. This leads to a further increase in the production of lactate and thus a further reduction of the pH value in cancerous tissue and; possible exclusively amplify the temperature and especially Diflunisal sensitivity of the cancer cells. Under these ground conditions, using a hybrid hyperthermia (systemic ≥ 39 ° C and tumoral ≤ 50 ° C), which has a further reduction in pH to a level of 6. This achieves a selective intensive damage to the cancerous tissue and activates, simultaneously, several cytotoxic components:
1. Heat,
2. Acidosis,
3. Membrane pore formation and apoptosis induction by Diflunisal as well as the healthy cells stabilizing parameter.

By interaction of the therapy module hyperthermia induced hyperglycemia, relative hyperoxemia (increasing the oxygen partial pressure) and pH-TT-infusion there is a real possibility of a high degree of irreversible damage to the tumor cell. A further synergistic effect is produced by laser light, wherein the photosensitive characteristic of different substances is used. Antineoplastic drugs can be improved significantly in their effect, if enabled in the target area with monochromatic coherent light waves with corresponding wavelength. This applies likewise for the active ingredients of the pH-Transformation Therapy, as their largest light absorption is in the infrared range and which is a relatively simple procedure to perform as part of the overall therapy.

Combination and Synergy Effects of the Matryx Cancer Concept

We combine our core therapies with other methods to ensure that the cancerous tissue is completely destroyed. Overall, we are talking about rights of a high synergy development among the individual therapies.

But this purely biological - physical processes ranging still not enough to truly succeed, especially to defeat cancer permanently, because cancer itself is not the disease, not the cause of the problem, but the result of a long chain of physiological and psychological developments; We like to use the phrase "gaffes" .That is, to eliminate cancer cells not mean long to eliminate their causes; this is a known fact, everyone and for evolutionary biology and integrative thinking physicians.

Our Matryx therapy concept will naturally affect those possible causes, in particular the four essential components of our increasingly non- welfare "way of life", elegant told one of our evolution biological conditions opposing lifestyles:
1. Faulty diet
2. Lack of exercise (natural movement)
3. Stress (negative emotions)
4. Environmental pollution.

A cancer therapy without direct A river on these factors is not good, especially just no effective therapy. We therefore need, for example, facilities where we can integrate the "relearning" to a healthy lifestyle; we need above all clinics where the cancer patient is no longer a number but is lovingly cared for all around .We mean by such future clinics not the biological and unsocial and sterile high-tech hospital, but a spa facility in the beautiful ambience, which do not necessarily have to be expensive, a kind resort in natural and healthy environment with manageable numbers of patients. All together gives us a guarantee that we treat the patient individually and lovingly, ultimately successful and also cure or at least can maintain its quality of life for a long time yet.

In other words, we have the concept Matryx therapy solution in hand, responsive at all cancers and promises an average survival rate of more than 80%. The death sentence for cancer patients can be explained in principle be revoked - that is the long hope for quantum leap in cancer therapy.

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